This quick-pressed fennel salad is a delicious, colourful, refreshing dish, ideal for the warmer days or when you like to spark up your festive menu. Your family and friends will love it!

Here are the ingredients for a big salad bowl for 15 guests.
Use preferably organic quality vegetables:

1 cucumber, cut into rolling wedges
1 bunch of radishes, cut in half, and keep the leaves for a quick sauté or blanched side dish
1 big fennel bulb, cut into very fine slices
1 teaspoon of white sea salt *
2 tablespoons of umeboshi vinegar *
1 radicchio, cut into long fine slices
2 small romaine lettuce, cut into bigger pieces
1 apple, cut in quarters, take the core out and cut into fine slices
1 orange, cut into little moons or pieces
1 handful of fresh watercress or rocket
olive oil *
apple cider balsamic * or white aceto balsamico
apple concentrate, mirin *, maple syrup *, or a combination of these
yuzu juice * and lemon juice to your taste

* Tampopo Foods product

Step by step:
1, Mix the cut cucumber, radishes, fennel, and salt gently together (do not massage), preferably in a big glass or ceramic bowl. Or use a larger pickle press.

2, Place a plate with a heavy stone or another heavy object on the veggies and let them stand pressing for 2-3hours. Cover the bowl with a tea towel to ward off dust, insects, and direct light.

3, Strain the excess liquid, which will come out during pressing. Do not wash the veggies.

4, After adding the other remaining vegetables and fruits, add the seasonings; i.e. olive oil, balsamic, apple concentrate, and lemon and yuzu juice to your and your guest’s liking.

5, Mix gently and serve immediately.

Add some roasted seeds or nuts to get more bite.
And if you like, for an extra light bitter taste, add chicory or endives. 
Fresh figs, pomegranates, cranberries, or raspberry topping will make it extra vitamin C-rich and "Christmasy".
If you use the wild edible flowers for garnish; they will spark it up even more!
Try lavender, yarrow, clover, nasturtium, borage, dandelion or simply daisy.


We wish you a happy festive season!
xxx Jarka and Karel

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