We are 
fortunate and incredibly grateful to have so many dear friends and families who, each in their unique way, helped create our Tampopo Foods journey and realization.

Wherever you are now, we truly appreciate all your kind and generous support!

Making this "movie" took us over 25+ years, and we sincerely like to give here big applause and share our credits.


Family Angels
Special thanks go to all our family members and close friends.
Namely to our parents Jarka, Josef, Hanka and Karel, with whom it all started.
And then, our dear friend Betty.

Teachers, Colleagues, Mentors & Coaches
The never-ending every day life lessons.
Wieke and Adelbert Nelissen and their wonderful family
Aveline and Michio Kushi
George and Lima Ohsawa
Kveta and Milan Dvorak with family
Vladka Strnadelova and Honza Zerzan
Nicola and David McCarthy
Eline Jeurissen and Peter Anthonisse
Pauline Versteegh & Rene De Vries 
Martina Machalkova and Jarda Mrazek
Jane & Lino Stanchich
Nini Kossen
Shizuko Yamamoto
Nicole Apelian
Jarmila Pruchova
Dagmar Luzna
Ginat Rice
Alex Jack
Phil Jannetta
Sadguru Jaggi Vasudev
John Dennis Liu
Eduard Tomas
Jiri Vacek
Martin Pack
Jeffrey Ross
Geral Overbeek
Wim Hoff

Kitchen Queens & Kings
Our mums Jarka and Hanka, and our grandmother Jarka
Wieke, Horriah, Jasmijn and Valentina Nelissen
Simone Parris
Valentina Manera
Adelbert Nelissen
Lander Zabalza Benaran
Patricio Garcia de Paredes
Alexander Gershberg
Peter van Berckel

Good Vibes & Inspirators
Nature, Sun, outdoor fun, wild foraging, book-worming, meditation, sauna, and great movies and music.
A good sleep, because all before midnight counts double!
Terezka Kadlecova
Jana Malik
Irenka Dutkova
Mirka Slavikova
Marije Vesters
Lara Weyland
Esther Erwteman
Valerie Carol
Tomas Adamec
Michel Bik
Camiel Koch
Niek Oldenburg
Hanicka & Emiel Buitendijk
Katerina & Honza Kyselovi
Annet Kossen & Rob Chrispijn
Maryen & Mathijs den Hollander
Carola & Serge Matev

Webshop-making Guides
Matthew Kooij
Duncan Prince
Connect2crowd - Marco van Veen
Pnina Design - Dick van Aalst
My Superfood Pharmacy - Kate Krasowski
My Vegan Fam - Valentina Manera

Editorial Ant-work, Translation and 1000+1 Tasks
Jessica van den Ende
James Scholing
Eline Jeurissen
Chamelli Flower
Mathijs de Bruijn

Design, Ambiance and Photo Credits
Our travels around the world and namely to beloved Japan.
Johnny Hoblik
Françoise Bousquet
Paloma van Veen
Koji Nelissen
Jirka Vlakno Ferbinek
Ondrej Adamec
Naomi Masuno 
Muso Japan
Burst Shopify
Jarka & Karel Becvar Adamcovi

All Our Dear Farmers, Producers & Craftsmen, and Suppliers, Namely the Teams of:
The Kushi Institute of Europe
Muso Japan
Real Flavors & Clearspring
Do-It Organic
Jan Knook

To all our clients, readers and friends.
Both old and new, who have been with us for years now and or are yet to come!

Thank you all so so much!

In friendship,
Jarka & Karel

Tampopo Foods & Muso Team together in Osaka, Japan, May 2019.
Special thanks to Seigo-san and Miyuki-san for being the best hosts ever!