I love kimchi, and I really am crazy about all sorts of traditional homemade pickles. Not only eating them but especially making them! 
But I must admit, in general, I do not really like it when the chilli taste overpowers other flavours in a dish.
(Karel is laughing now, and I wonder if I will ever be able to travel to India ;-)...

So, once visiting our friends Katerina & Honza Kyselove in South Moravia, I tasted their kimchi. 
Wow! Delicious! This one I could have every day! 
No chilli at all, yet very very tasty!

And then we were inspired to play around with their recipe.
All our friends, customers and their kids love it. Just try!

Here the ingredients for +/- 4L pickling jar:
Yes, you make a lot in one time, but you will have enough for some time, and to share also with your family & friends. Just wait and see!

Use preferably organic quality vegetables:
1x large Chinese cabbage, cut into bigger pieces
1x large pointed cabbage, cut into bigger pieces
1x parsley root or parsnip, make thin shavings with a peeler
2x carrot, make thin shavings with a peeler
1x large daikon *, white radish, cut in quarters and then in thin slices or diced
1x leek, cut lengthwise in half and then in thin slices
1x sweet pointed red pepper, cut in bigger matchsticks
1x onion *, cut in fine half-moons
3cm fresh ginger root, cut in very fine matchsticks
1-2x garlic cloves, cut into fine slices (optional)
3x tablespoon of white sea salt * (approx. 30gr.)

* Tampopo Foods product

Step by step:
1. Mix all vegetables and salt in a big tub or bowl.
2. Massage well until juice appears; this takes approximately 10 min.
3. Move and press the mixture firmly into the clean pickling jar.
4. Place a little glass or a ceramic lid with a heavy wooden block or pebble on the top of the veggies so that their own juice can cover the vegetables and protect them from direct air contact and spoiling.
5. Place the lid on the top of the jar but do not close completely (to let air in/out).
6. Cover with a light cotton cloth like tea towel to ward off dust, insects and direct light.
7. Let stand at room temperature for 3-7-10 days (depending on the temperature and the year season), the juice inside should change colour to milky and fermentation bubbles will appear.
8. Afterwards, turn - close the lid entirely and refrigerate or store cool, best under 10 degree Celsius.

Enjoy with every meal a good spoonful of these powerful enzymes!
They will greatly enhance your stamina and improve overall digestion.

You can also add the pickles to your refreshing summer salads, sandwich, sushi or rice balls!
And don't be shy to use/drink the juice too!

And if you really like to add chilli pepper, use our nanami togarashi *.

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