So easy, so delicious! Put your feet up, and grab a nice book to read. This time, nature will cook for you.

Preparation time is 5 minutes.
And pickling time is 12 hours.

You will need for 6 - 8 portions:
1 cucumber, cut into larger pieces "rolling wedge cut" style
1 kohlrabi, peeled, cut into quarter-half pieces and then finely sliced
1 bundle of radishes, cut into halves
or 1 carrot, shaved with a vegetable/potato peeler
1/2 - 1 teaspoon of white sea salt
2 - 3 tablespoons of ume vinegar/umesu (salty-sour taste)
2 tablespoons of mirin (natural sweet taste)

The salt draws water from the vegetables and helps pickle and preserve them.
The ume vinegar and mirin are delicious umami-rich natural plant-based seasonings produced by long-term fermentation. They both enhance the taste and speed up the pickling process.

Step by step:
1. Mix all ingredients gently together, preferably in a glass or ceramic bowl.
2. Place a plate with a heavy stone or another heavy object on the veggies.
3. Cover the bowl with a tea towel to prevent dust or insects from coming, and let it rest.
4. After approx. 2 hours, stir the pickle gently; to let the pickling process and taste develop evenly.
5. Cover again and let sit for another 8 - 10 hours before serving.

Delicious, refreshing, and ideal dish for the warmer days or when you need to lighten up your menu. And has all the healthy benefits of fermented foods!

We usually make this quick pickle salad in the morning to enjoy it from the next day onwards.
Even though we suggest letting the veggies rest in the "pickling juice" for at least 12 hours, you can enjoy them earlier.
If you like to keep the mixture longer, place it in a jar, cover with the lid, and keep it in a cool place or fridge.
Also, you may take the seed part from the cucumber out before cutting it into wedges.

Want to make it richer?
You may add:
- some sweet corn kernels
- lightly roasted sesame seeds or other seeds and nuts
- instant wakame sea vegetables
- freshly harvest wild edible plants like rocket, garden nasturtium or wattercress
- adjust the the taste to your liking
- or drizzle some yuzu or toasted sesame oil over

Do you have radish leaves of organic or natural quality?
Keep them!
You can prepare them by steaming, blanching, stir-frying or in condiments.
They are a.o. a good source of fibre, calcium and iron.


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