We all want to live healthy and happy lives, right? 
What do we do about it? Next to lifestyle and other social and environment-related influences, our daily food can either make us sick or stronger, fitter, more energised, flexible, and radiant. Through food, we can become either more disconnected or connected to ourselves, to nature and everything and everyone around us.

Cooking can be easy, nourishing, playful and fun.
And so is this recipe!

Ingredients for 2-4 portions:
1 pack of silken tofu *, we love the Clearspring one
1/2 cup spring water with a pinch of white sea salt * for blanching
1 tablespoon shiro miso *
1 tablespoon mustard van Ton *
1 tablespoon tahini *
pinch of white sea salt *
1/2 pack of kombu dashi *
chilli pepper * to your taste
green garnish such as chives, parsley, leeks, spring onions, coriander or any wild herbs you like

* Tampopo Foods product

Step by step:
1. Bring water in a little pan to a boil.
2. Add the tofu and salt, cover with the lid and boil for about 5 minutes. Strain the water.
3. Add all the remaining ingredients except for the garnish and blend until smooth with a hand blender.
4. Taste, adjust the flavour either to your or your guests’ liking.
5. Pour the spread into a serving bowl and decorate.

You can serve this spread warm or cold.
Play with other ingredients like ume vinegar *, rice vinegar *, pickles *, olives, spices etc...
We sometimes mix this tofu spread directly into a pasta salad; it's delicious!
Or use it as dressing or dip for the crispy blanched vegetables.
It's yummy in the wraps and savoury pancakes or with fresh sourdough bread sandwiches and crackers.

And usually, we double the recipe because it's gone in no time!
If you have anything left, pour it in a jar, store it in the fridge and use it within 2-3 days.

Bon appetite!

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